Anna Luisa - Healthy Masters
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Anna Luisa

Anna Luisa Schaffgotsch

Anna Luisa Schaffgotsch attained an MSc from Imperial College in Biotechnology with a particular focus on Synthetic Biology as well as Biophysics. Anna Luisa subsequently gained extensive commercial experience in the life sciences sector. During her career she was responsible for major portfolios for a chemical trader in London, developed the commercial strategy of a Bioinformatics start up in Germany and was responsible for successfully scaling the European business of an American pharma supply chain company. Her passion for technology within the life sciences industry is reflected by her professional experience, her extensive network in this sector and above all by her decision to build a business to advance and commercialise implantable technologies. Anna Luisa incorporated Impli Limited in April 2019 with the vision to make people’s lives safer and simpler with implantable technologies. Impli launched its first product in January 2020 with a personal implantable that initially allows its wearer to store medical information onto a user-friendly platform. Anna Luisa and her team at Impli are currently developing further products linking identity and internal biomarkers to enhance precision medicine and preventative healthcare.