Moss Jackson, PH.D. - Healthy Masters
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Moss Jackson, PH.D.


CEO of the Center For Psychological Services
Ardmore, PA

Moss Jackson is a psychologist and Success Coach specializing in Helping clients to rewire Brains for success and happiness. He is an accomplished writer, lecturer and life coach. He has written four books, including “Navigating For Success: Passion, Goals and Action “ and “I Didn’t Come To say Goodbye: Navigating The Psychology Of Immortality, “ an Amazon best seller. He was a presenter at the first Raadfest Conference in 2016 where he discussed the epidemic of chronic stress disorder in the 21st ct. His most current work is focused on helping people to live well in order to live longer. He is a specialist in treating anxiety, trauma and chronic stress disorders. His talk today is “Getting Your Brain To Fall In Love With You.” In his talk, he will focus on the impact of chronic stress on the brain and how to reverse the destructive impact of anxiety, resentment and regret on the aging process. A toolkit to enhance brain functioning will be introduced in which you will learn about the three most important psychological needs that are necessary for optimal brain health. If these three needs are satisfied on a daily basis, there is a reduced impact of cortisol and adrenaline on the brain and body, thus reversing the chronic stress dynamic.