Moss Jackson, PH.D. - Healthy Masters
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Moss Jackson, PH.D.


CEO of Center for Psychological Services in Pennsylvania.
“Moss is a psychologist and Success Coach who specializes in helping clients to rewire their brains for success and happiness.”

Dr. Moss Jackson is the CEO of Center for Psychological Services in Pennsylvania, and the President of Corporate Initiatives. An accomplished writer, lecturer and professor in psychology, Dr. Moss has also written and published “Navigating for Success”, among other publications on the subjects of acquisitions and mergers. “Navigating for Success” is a resource for business people who want more success in their lives. Our focus is to promote success and satisfaction in your personal life and your professional life. Dr. Moss has been helping individuals and families harness their potential as a Clinical Psychologist since 1973. In 1986 he began a Corporate Consulting company to bring his ‘people expertise’ to the workplace. His unique blend of knowledge of both psychology and business helps him to understand and pinpoint the issues that block people from their true success potentials. Some of Dr. Moss’ corporate clients include the U.S Dept. of Military Psychiatry, the United States Postal Service, Rosemont College, and more. He has contributed to publications and organizations across the U.S and Australia, including NBC News, Temple University, and the Holistic Health & Educational Conference. Dr. Moss has also appeared in several TV and radio shows, speaking in several subjects. Dr. Moss is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, among others. Dr. Moss most current work is developing in the psychology of radical life extension and physical immortality. Moss’s talk is based on his upcoming new book , “Making Your Brain Fall In Love With You.” He presents a toolkit for taking care of the three psychological needs you brain wants, i, e., Safety, Connection and Power. These three hungers need to be satisfied daily in order to reduce Chronic Stress Disorder, the emotional disease of the 21st Ct, protect against inflammatory disease and illness , to enhance a healthy and vital life style and add a possible additional 15 productive years to your lifespan.