Yael Sorek- Benvenisti, PH.D - Healthy Masters
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Yael Sorek- Benvenisti, PH.D


CEO of Mediterranean Towers Ventures,

Currently CEO of Mediterranean Towers Ventures, a corporate venture capital program that invests in early-stage technology companies developing disruptive solutions for aging – the fastest growing population segment around the world. Chairperson of Technologies of Aging Well – Society of Electrical and Electronic Engineers in Israel, Aging 2.0 Israel, since 2011. Founder of the Israeli entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Aging Tech space, and represent Aging2.0 organization. Over the years, I have developed and built networks of contact with international cooperation in order to export the Israeli innovation and to have international corporations and investors to notice Israeli activities.


For the past 9 years, I have been a board member of the Israel Gerontological Society, which combines the various disciplines working with the elderly population. The Israel Gerontological Society is a member of the International Organization of Gerontology and operates as a part of the European branch. For the past 8 years, I have served as a business and marketing consultant to companies on issues relating to the health, quality of life and leisure pursuits of the elderly and as a mentor for startups and projects dealing with elderly population challenges in several accelerators program in Israel. Throughout the years, I have organized and served as the chairperson/ lecture in local and international conferences, I was involved in writing a number of policy papers (local and internationals) and worked to promote municipal, national and internationals programs/ implementation of technologies for the welfare of the elders.


For eight years, I managed the professional health services in a chain of nursing and retirement homes- "Association of Israelis of Central European Origin". Also, I was in charge of development and implementation of projects (2004-2012) Member of the Israeli Leadership forum.

Member of Povaddo Panel- global opinion leader research panel

Member of advisory board – Haifa municipality innovation and economic


Awards and Prize:


2019- Selected as one of the Israeli influencers in Longevity
2010- Certificate of merit from the Wingate Institute for promoting elderly physical
2007- Supervised a project that won the "Glickman Prize for excellence and quality
in retirement house"
2015 – Center for Active Design excellence – Stanford Healthy Neighborhood
Discovery Tool

Research and scientific publications:

Y. Laufer, L. Gattenio, E. Parnas, D. Sinai, Y. Sorek & R. Dickstein (2001). Time-related
changes in motor performance of the upper extremity ipsilateral to the side of the
lesion in stroke survivors. Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, 15, 167.
Moran, M. R., Werner, P., Doron, I., HaGani, N., Benvenisti, Y., King, A. C., … & Egron,
S. (2016). Exploring the Objective and Perceived Environmental Attributes of Older
Adults’ Neighborhood Walking Routes: A Mixed Methods Analysis. Journal of aging
and physical activity, 1-36.
Danial-Saad A., Chiari L., Benvenisti Y., Laufer S., Elboim-Gabyzon M. (2019)
“Touchscreen Assessment Tool” (TATOO), an Assessment Tool Based on the
Expanded Conceptual Model of Frailty. In: Ganchev I., Garcia N., Dobre C.,
Mavromoustakis C., Goleva R. (eds) Enhanced Living Environments. Lecture Notes in
Computer Science, vol 11369. Springer, Cham
In process – Cohen E., Benvenisti Y. –Rights and Legislation of Employee Family
Caregivers- International review


Recent major conferences:


2019- Healthy Masters- international conference – Porto Portugal – speaker
2019- GeroScience 2019- Weizmann institute of Science- speaker
2019- D.health summit 2019- Boston – speaker
2019- Neighborhoods of the future AAA congress 2019 –London – speaker

2019- Ageing Fit Lille France- speaker
2019- Inspiration day – Israel – speaker
2018- Max Planck Forum – Munich – speaker
2018- AAL forum 2018- Bilbao- speaker
2018- Annual Conference, The Association of Engineers, Architects and Graduates in
Technological Sciences in Israel – speaker
2018- The Israeli society of nursing homes and independent living annual conference
– speaker
2018- Globes – The Israel business conference – speaker
2018- Ageing FIT 2018- Nice France – speaker
2018- Israeli Gerontological Society –Conference chairman
2017- Vision 2025 – Meeting orang generation needs, Common Health Magazine
Taiwan. Keynote Presentation
2017- COST Action IC1303 on Algorithms, Architectures and Platforms for Enhanced
Living Environments, Lisbon, Keynote Presentation – The technological challenges for
aging and dementia
2017 – MIXiii BIOMED 2017 international Conference – Steering Committee Member
and speaker
2017 – Technologies for Ageing Well – Conference Chairperson
2017 – Annual Conference, The Association of Engineers, Architects and Graduates in
Technological Sciences in Israel – speaker
2016–  COST Action IC1303 on Algorithms, Architectures and Platforms
for Enhanced Living Environments, Cluj Napoca – Keynote Presentation – The
technological challenges for aging well